About us

       Haikai Photo is a photographer network based in Lisbon, Portugal and Rome, Italy. We take pictures of events, people, spaces, buildings, landscapes and everything that can be captured through a click. We believe that photography is a powerful way of revealing things you cannot see through your naked eye. We are passionate about creating images that through their contents, forms, colors, textures, shadows and compositions are able to enrich in some way the experience of their observers.

         Theo Solnik is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer and documentary filmmaker. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where, already as a teenager, he started to work as a press photographer for the main Brazilian weekly publications. At that time, he started an extensive training in manual darkroom development and enlargement techniques of both color and black and white films. As a 17-year-old, he moved to Norway, where he had his first fine art photography solo exhibitions in the city of Trondheim and worked as a press photographer for the monthly publication Natt&Dag.

         After concluding his studies in Philosophy and Sociology in Oslo, he moved to Berlin and started his studies in Film Directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb), considered one of the top 15 film schools worldwide. While constantly improving his skills in all areas of photography, he shot his feature-length documentary “Anna Pavlova lives in Berlin”, which received 6 awards, including best cinematography, and was shown in several film festivals in 25 different countries. In 2014, he founded the production company Haikai Films, which more recently gave birth to Haikai Photo, entirely dedicated to photography.

         He speaks fluently Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Norwegian and German.