How to choose the right event photographer in Mexico

Corporate events in Mexico City are very common, both for multinational companies as also for local businesses. The capital city of Mexico is not only the financial hub of the country but it is also the powerhouse of the whole continent of Central America. It is easy to understand why so many companies choose a venue in Mexico City to host their corporate events.

Images last longer than your event

An event might last just a few days, but the photos last forever. It is of paramount importance to have an event photographer you can rely on to create the images that can best portray it. We would like to give you some tips to choose the ideal corporate photographer for your event photographer.

The right event photographer

What might at first look as an easy task, choosing the right event photographer for your event in Mexico can be an overwhelming task. Specially when you consider the huge amount of professionals you can find during your research and the big variations in the fees that they charge for their services. If you keep the following considerations in mind, you will be able to make a better informed choice when hiring the photographer for your event.

Fotografia corporativa en Mexico

Look carefully at their Mexico Corporate Photography Portfolio

When you are organizing an event, there are many things you have to plan and think about. It might be tempting to only spend a few seconds looking at an event photographer’s portfolio. Paying a bit more attention and spending some more time going through the portfolio of each event photographer on your short list will have a huge impact on the final results.

Do you personally like the colors and contrast of the photos on her event portfolio? Do the photos have a good composition? Are the guests being shown in a positive way? How is the venue being photographed? Do you see empty seats in the photos? Do the photos communicate a specific atmosphere to you? 

Every photographer has a different background and experience and this will directly reflect on the quality and the cost of the work.

Fotografia corporativa en Mexico how to choose the right event photographer

Is the photographer an expert of event photography?

Each area of photography requires a different and specific skill set. When looking for someone to be the photographer of your event, it is important to be sure that she has experience in this specific kind of photography. Product and landscape photographers are not used to photographing people interacting in enclosed spaces, which is normally the main subject of event photographers. They are also used to very different lighting conditions.

If you want the photos that capture the essence of your event, you need to find a photographer who is skilled and experienced in this specific kind of photography. For examples, the photographer has to know how to deal with the challenging lighting conditions of most event venues and has to know how to use their equipment in these very specific conditions.

Delivery and Expertise

After making a short list of the event photographers that seem to be ideal for your event in Mexico, give some consideration to their workflow, post-production and delivery times.

Many event photographers with a tight schedule have very long delivery times, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. If you need your photos quickly, this is a very important factor to take into consideration. If it’s important for you to receive some photos during the event for social media posts, ask specifically about it to the photographers on your short list.

Do you need original RAW files of the photos or is it enough for your needs to receive smaller jpeg files? Some event photographers are reluctant to deliver RAW files to their clients or might ask for an additional fee for that. Be sure to clarify that with your candidates before taking a final decision.

Personality and Professionalism

Do your candidates reply quickly to your messages? Are they attentive to your requirements and concerns? If you have VIPs in your event, do you think that this event photographer will behave in a professional way in a delicate context like this one?   

Terms of work

Due to the enormous amount of corporate events that take place in Mexico City, event photographers are highly sought not only in the capital, but also in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Guadalajara and Monterrey. Serious professionals will always present you a contract with their terms of service and will request a non-refundable deposit in order to block the date of your event. Key points of a contract for event photography in Mexico are start and end times of work, date, location, delivery date and format and ownership of rights of the images.

If you keep these points in mind when looking for an event photographer for your event in Mexico City, you will be more likely to get the results that you are looking for an to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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