If you are organizing your event in Mexico City, you have a lot to think about. We know how important it is to find a video production company in Mexico City that you can trust to best represent your brand through a professional video for your event. We offer an end-to-end corporate event video production service in Mexico City, Cancun and Guadalajara, working on all stages of your video project, from pre-production to shooting and post-production. Our team of English speaking award-winning industry professionals will make sure that your corporate event video will make your event look even more special than you envisioned it to be.

We produce videos for all kinds of corporate and business events in Mexico City: congresses, conferences, fairs, trade shows, inaugurations, sports and much more.


While planning the video production, it is always important to consider the following questions: who will see your corporate video, how will it be delivered to your audience and what would you like them to do after seeing it? This will help us make important choices regarding the choice of locations, delivery formats, calls to action, timing and equipment.

Each event is unique. Some events need specific equipment such as multi-cameras, drones and gimbals. Other events require a more simple and compact solution, such as a single camera with a single videographer. In any case, our production team will capture your event in Mexico City without disturbing it, always aiming at the best results with maximum discretion.

We can follow the event with one or more video cameras and with different setups: static shots (on tripod) for events of long duration and for which continuous recording is required or mobile shots with the use of last generation gimbals for events which require a more dynamic story. In addition to the main video, we can also create a shorter trailer that can dynamically narrate the event to engage and attract the attention of your audience.

We offer aerial footage recording in 4K resolution with state-of-the-art drones

Do you need drone footage in order to add a special perspective to your Mexico City event video? Don’t worry. We can offer aerial footage in 4K resolution, operated by experienced cinematographers that will know how to add the value that your video deserves through this very special perspective.

Some examples of our work:

Future Energy Forum

Commissioned by EXPO-2017 and TRIAD Berlin, Haikai Photo was responsible for the complete photo and video documentation of the event Future Energy Forum: an international series of 12 conferences, which took place from June 29 to September 5, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

In the twelve conferences with 400 participants, more than 50 nations gathered at EXPO’s new Congress Center. Internationally connected institutions such as the European Union, Nazarbayev University, OECD, UNESCO, UNIDO and UNITAR were represented. 500 speakers from the scientific, political and economic sectors participated in lectures, panels and workshops – among them solar flying pioneer Prof. Bertrand Piccard, astrophysicist and Nobel Prize winner George Smoot, as well as global strategist Dr. Parag Khanna.

Huawei developer day:

Haikai Photo was responsible for the complete photo and video documentation of the Huawei Developer Day that took place during the WebSummit in Lisbon, the world’s biggest tech and start-up industry event, with more than 70.000 guests from all over the world.

Corporate team building :

Gilead Sciences, one of world’s most renowned biotechnology company, invited their top performer employees from all over the world to a summer team building event. Haikai Photo created a video and and photo gallery of this 2-day-long event.

Let the world know about your brand and your event through a cinematic video. Get in touch with us.

About the author: Haikai Photo is a Mexico City-based International Videographer. Haikai Photo is also a Mexican Freelance Videographer and a Mexico City Freelance Videographer and a Guadalajara Freelance Videographer, a CDMX business videographer, an Guadalajara freelance photojournalist and a Mexico City freelance photojournalist and a Queretaro event videographer and a Guadalajara videographer; while based in the Mexico City area, Haikai Photo regularly photographs for clients throughout all of Mexico, including Tijuana, Puebla, León, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Riviera Maya, Cancún, Aguascalientes, all across Mexico and everywhere on Earth, specially in Europe and Lisbon, Portugal. Haikai Photo specializes in creative photo storytelling and artistic photojournalism and stories about corporate event relationships including interior photography, corporate lifestyle photograhy, resource economics. Haikai Photo also specializes in editorial photography and lifestyle photography, portraits and headshots, corporate event photography, non-profit event photography, and branding photography for corporations, non-profits, and small businesses. Haikai Photo is also a live music videographer, a Mexico City live music videographer, a CDMX live music videographer, a Guadalajara live music videographer, a Mexico City band videographer a Mexican band videographer. You can view more of Haikai Photo’s photojournalism, editorial, and lifestyle work here.The photos in this post are connected to corporate event photography, conference videographer, visual storytelling, branding photography and branding videographers and CDMX event videographers, and creative storytelling.