“Anna Pavlova Lives in Berlin depicts the poetic and aggressive “Russian party queen,” of the same iconic name. Replete with club door fights, looming graffiti, pill exchanges and techno trances, it could have been a petty and self-aggrandizing glimpse into the Berlin party scene. But Theo Solnik, the film’s Brazilian director who, this year, received the National Gallery’s first ever Prize for Young Film Art, avoids this limited vision, instead offering us a nuanced portrait of Anna Pavlova as she navigates the strata of her constructed and intentionally hazy worlds.”
From: https://magazine.art21.org/2012/02/02/the-mystery-of-anna-pavlova/

Documentary, 78′, Germany 2011 Directed by Theo Solnik


New Berlin Film Award 2012 for best cinematography
(Festival Achtung Berlin)
Promotional Award of the city of Duisburg 2011
(35. Duisburger Film Week)
Prize for young art cinema 2011
(German National Gallery/German Film Academy) for Anna Pavlova lives in Berlin
Special Prize of the jury
(CineramaBC Film Festival)
Helene-Schwarz- Preis 2012